Zameen's khadi apron is made from 100% Organic, Single-Origin Cotton. From the cotton farmer to the weaver to the tailor, our khadi apron gives back to the artisans that hand-make each piece.


Marbled Apron

  • Khadi Apron 101

    Khadi a.k.a Khaddar is a hand-spun and hand-woven natural cloth that is increadibly soft.


    Our Khadi aprons are handmade by artisans with Organic cotton and natural dyes.



    • Organic and Fair Trade 
    • 100% Single-Origin, Organic Cotton
    • Handspun thread
    • Handwoven cloth
    • All-Natural Dyes
    • Made with Pyaar (Love) for your comfort
    • Small-batch (Only 30 produced at a time) 
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  • Apron Fit Guide

    One Size Fits Most

    • Neck: Adjustable to 31 inches.
    • Length: 31.5 inches.
    • Width: 29.5 inches.
    • Straps: 42 inches.