Wow...What a Journey!

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

I can't even begin to describe how excited I am to share the journey we have been on to get Zameen off the ground! Every bend offers new experiences, variety of learnings, and exciting opportunities. We started Zameen a year ago because we realized we knew nothing about the spices that played a daily role in our life. Whether it was information about the origin or whether it was equitable for the farmer. We couldn't even tell you whether it was sustainable for the land it was grown and harvested on.

We were determined. Determined to find a way to continue bringing spices to people's doorstep but in the process share the answer to these questions. This forced us to fly thousands of miles to India and travel for days through the spice growing regions of India to learn about the spice trade. In addition to trying some of the best spices we have ever tried in our life, we learned.

Learned of farmers, their farms, the land, and the surrounding communities. We learned how climate change is impacting growth cycles, water availability, and eradication of micro-climates. We also learned how farmers are fighting to preserve their crops and way of life. Zameen is not only a spice delivery service to us but also a foyer into changing landscape of spice cultivation.

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