We have single-origin spices!!! We got regeneratively farmed, single-origin cardamom, black pepper, cloves, and whole nutmeg.

Okay, so they are coming in late December and early January. Unfortunately, we had to switch our India partner through the pandemic because the pandemic had taken a toll on their community. Luckily, we connected through many video calls and conversations with Vanamoolika, working with small landholding farmers in the Waynad district. They have been working with these farmers for years and manufacturing ayurvedic medicines. Many of whom are women and folx from indigenous communities.

Why is it essential to work with small landholding farmers? They are usually the most marginalized farmers who do not have access to lucrative markets and resources. This often leads to their economic instability and lack of healthcare and education access. Vanamoolika helps them secure all of these through their work.

We’ve partnered with Vanamoolika on the ground to help us audit and ensure that regenerative farming practices are taking place at the farms. They also teach farmers to incorporate new sustainable methods, such as multi-cropping and composting, and mulching to harvest crops.

What does this mean for single-origin? All of the spices are still single-origin because they are sourced from small farms from the Wayanad region in Kerala. However, we cannot source the crops from only one farm for a few reasons. Not all of the farmers have the same quantity of harvest. Also, Vanamoolika wants to foster a culture of collaboration and not a competition between the farmers.

Please pre-order our delicious spices today to grow our business and help more small regenerative farmers throughout India. Check out our shop here.