Khadi Apron's Single Origin Cotton

Meet our Khadi Apron’s cotton farmers, Gauriben and Samatbhai (ben means sister in Gujarati and bhai means brother - folks there use these words to show a sign of respect) from the village of Dharai, Gujarat. Fifteen years ago, these two decided to switch to organic cotton, peanut, sesame, and cumin farming. Some of the regenerative farming practices they use are rotating crops, applying cattle manure as fertilizer, and cattle manure and neem paste as pesticides. Obviously, they don’t use chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Since their crops are rainfed, they’ve created small dams called check dams in watershed management that help regenerate the water table in their local areas.

They work alongside their farm staff and treat each laborer with respect, dignity, and excellent benefits, like a delicious meal prepared by Gauriben.

I had the privilege of meeting these two incredible souls years ago when I lived and volunteered in the areas around them. I learned from that experience that these two people and their teamwork are incredibly hard to grow organic cotton. For example, they take turns at night so the nilgai, the largest Asian antelope, won’t eat their crop. They have to work extra hard to fend off the pests.

When you purchase our Khadi Apron, you are supporting Gauriben and Samatbhai to help grow their business and encouraging their community to move towards organic and regenerative farming.

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