Our Ethos

At Zameen, we are connecting farmers to cooks.

Our ethos strives to break the old system and build a new one.

Restoring the Earth

Humanity has only one planet, our Zameen (Earth). We believe sustainability should be holistic and regenerative.* We sell only spices and products that heal and protect the environment by partnering with folks who are stewards of the Zameen. 


What does that look like? Our black pepper is grown in a reclaimed rainforest on avocado trees amongst a variety of other micro-organisms and plant biodiversity.

Every Spice Box is shipped in recyclable, reusable, or compostable packaging. We never use plastic for packaging or shipping. 

*Read more about regenerative farming on our About page.

Harvested for Flavor

Our spices are single-origin.


What does that mean? Single-origin spice means each spice is sourced from one farm or one region. Most of our spices come from one farm, but some come from a collective of farmers in a village.


Why should you care? Single-origin ingredients have wonderfully unique flavors. From soil to weather patterns to local fauna, a spice's flavor is dramatically impacted by its environment. Because these factors can differ every 20 km, turmeric grown in the plains will taste quite different from turmeric grown in the mountains.


Single-origin spices also give farmers better prices for their produce. Increased income helps farmers reinvest in their communities and compensate their team with livable pay and benefits.

Equitable for All

Social justice does not stop at activism. Sustainability is holistic for us. It doesn't stop at regenerative agriculture.


We want to ensure equity for all stakeholders involved. We strive for our business to uplift marginalized communities of farmers, Indigenous folks, LGBTQIA, and BIPOC by partnering with them throughout our operations and fundraising events.