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Single-Origin Spice Subscription Box

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Restoring the Earth

Harvested for Flavor 

Equitable for All

What's in the Box?

Monthly Masala

Each box contains one single-origin, regeneratively farmed spice in a mini mason jar from our partner farm to your kitchen. 

Auntie Approved Recipes

3 Indian Auntie-approved recipes are tucked into every spice box: 2 recipes from Rushi and 1 traditional recipe from Mummy.

Spice Guide

A detailed guide about your masala includes: the farmer's story, farming practices, health benefits, and more! 

A farmer tends to their garden.

6 Months

of Masala

$95.00 | Coming Soon

Get 6 single-origin spice boxes shipped to your door on a monthly basis.


Our best value for your money!

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3 Months

of Masala

$55.00 | Coming Soon

Get 3 single-origin spice boxes shipped to your door on a monthly basis.


Perfect for the person who wants to dip their fingers in a bit of masala!

Our Story

Zameen means Earth in Hindi and Urdu

Zameen is the North Star of my company.


Everything begins and ends with the Earth. Like terroir in wine, the flavor of a spice is influenced by the soil and climate where the spice grows.


All of Zameen's spices are single-origin and regeneratively farmed to bring unique flavors to your kitchen.


Our supply chain is rooted in equity for all farmers and all stakeholders involved. 

Read more about us.

a soup featuring cinammon, bay leaf.

as seen in


I love the spices, especially the peppercorns. My boyfriend's favorite is the cardamom. He calls it a, “game changer.”

— Merry, W.

My boyfriend was a big fan of the black pepper. Best we've ever tried!

— Peter J.

My Dadi (grandma) loves Zameen turmeric. Actually, my whole family does!

— Anjum P.

Both taste and smell are intense and flavorful. I love using Zameen's spices in anything I make, from Indian curries to baked goods.

— Linda R.

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