We started Zameen because we wanted to find a way to expose the world to amazing spices grown and harvested by small farmers throughout the world. Usually grown in small farming co-operatives, ordinarily, these spices either stayed within the local area or mixed into a larger network of other farmers supplying the same product. We felt this deepened the distance between farmer and consumer, often obfuscating ethical sourcing and quality. At Zameen, we desire to break this system and build a new one with transparency.


Our Partners

The key fundamental pillar of our business is to create a working system that encourages ethical sourcing and sustainability. To enable this, we have partnered with small farmers throughout the world and procured their spices at fair prices. We want the farmers to know the spices and teas we procure from them are high quality and insist they are fairly compensated for their hard work. In addition, we only partner with farms that adopt sustainable practices to produce their teas and spices. Know in good consciousness that every spice and tea you receive from Zameen has been ethically sourced for the betterment of the farmer and our planet!


Know Your Farmer

Every farmer we have encountered has their own journey, struggles, and perspectives. We feel the narrative of many farmers often gets overlooked or never shared. This is why we want you to know who grew your spices. Every Zameen Box includes a farmer snapshot that brings forward their perspectives and stories.


Our Environment

We don’t just hold sustainability standards to our partners but we insist to hold ourselves accountable for the footprint we make in this world. This is why we continue to evolve our packaging, supply chain, marketing, and any other aspect of our business so we can better align with more sustainable standards. We welcome any input on improving our sustainability standards! Guide your feedback here.


Social Justice

We believe that social justice does not stop at activism. We strive for our business to uplift marginalized communities of farmers, LGBTQIA, and BIPOC. 

We hope you are encouraged to know that every decision we make is guided by our shared views of ethical business and sustainable practices!