Meet the Person Behind Zameen

We want you to know who we are. We are life long travelers and spend far too much time thinking about food and social justice. Read about our team below or feel free to shoot us a message and say hi!

Rushi is a life-long foodie who loves creating and innovating new recipes for his friends and family. He believes recipes and food are ever-evolving. As an Indian American raised in Southern California, he grew up eating a ton of vegetarian Gujarati and Mexican American food. 


Rushi started Zameen to inspire others to cook with spices and help small farmers in India get a better price for their crops. This passion began when he volunteered and lived in an Indian village. He saw subsistence farmers struggling to provide for their families because they lack control over farming inputs and lack of training on how to use lab-produced pesticides and fertilizers. These perils created financial and health instability amongst the farming community. Rushi wants to help farmers get a fair price for their spices to improve their lives. 



Besides being passionate about food, Rushi is a gay man that wants to create a food business that uplifts and encourages other folks of color to pursue careers in food. As a child, Rushi could not have imagined becoming an entrepreneur because he had never seen Queer leaders. 



His passion for nature started in his childhood when he used to play in his grandparents’ vegetable and fruit garden. As an adult, he trekked Mount Kilimanjaro and Half Dome as well as lived with farmers. These experiences solidified his appreciation for nature and protecting the environment. He is committed to making sure that Zameen’s operations help slow down climate change.

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