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About Zameen

Zameen celebrates the culture and flavors of Desi cuisine and supports the farmers who grow the world's spices.

Zameen’s origin story started in 2009.


I moved to an Indian village to help marginalized farmers start secondary businesses. While working with them, I discovered many of the farmers wanted to sell their spices in the US but couldn't access the market. My love for regenerative farming and spices started here. 

I strive to build a business that inspires folks to cook with high-quality spices while disrupting the traditional spice trade.

What is regenerative agriculture? 

Our definition of regenerative agriculture is farming practices that heal the Earth by restoring the ecosystem and ecological health of the land. In short, regenerative agriculture is going beyond organic.

Rushi & Mummy, Resident Chefs

I'm a second-generation queer South Asian who loves to cook Indian food as well as Californian cuisine. I love my Tex-Mex. My recipes are inspired by my childhood memories, where my grandmother, aunt, and mother kept the family fed and happy. 


Mummy, our other resident chef, is a retired professional. She loves to cook balanced and healthy meals for her family. Her first memories of cooking go back to the age of 6 or 7 yrs old, helping her mom make rotis and puris. During my childhood, I watched her and her auntie crew  seamlessly whip up dinner for 100 to 200 folks.

Rushi smiles with Mahesh in his rainforest farm.
My Partners
Zameen is part of an ecosystem of businesses that are committed to ethical sourcing, sustainability and social justice.
Zameen only partners with farmers who adopt regenerative farming practices to grow their spices. Our partner farmers are fairly compensated for their hard work.
Below is a list of the people and organizations with whom I've partnered to bring the flavors of our Zameen to you.


Farm Sourcing Partner

Vanamoolika helps us find and audit farms. Please check out their work. 

Weaver Bird

Apron Designer

Artisanal, hand-made organic cotton clothing. Fair Trade and eco-friendly.

Trishula Oswald

UX Designer

Shuli (they/them) is a trans UX Designer living and working in the Bay Area.

Get in Touch

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